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Number of landlines continues to fall in July

The number of landline telephone connections fell further in July, but, among these, the number of ADSL connections rose 3.05% to pass the 500,000 mark, the National Telecommunications Authority (NHH) announced on Tuesday.

The number of landline connections fell 8,500 to 3.38 million in July compared to June. The number of landline connections per hundred citizens fell to 33.61 from 33.69. The number of households with landline connections fell to 67.09% from 67.30%.
The combined time of initiated calls was 690 million minutes in July, down from 737 million in June. About 14.97% of all calls initiated in July were made using dial-around services. About 824,000 people said they used dial-around services during the month, down from 837,000 in June.
In July, 4,359 landline subscribers switched providers while retaining their telephone number, a right granted under number portability laws in force since January 2004. Since the law was introduced, 152,034 subscribers have taken advantage of the possibility.