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Number of landline subscriptions continues to fall

The number of landline telephone connections in Hungary fell to 3,102,000 in April from 3,115,000 in March, the National Telecommunications Authority (NHH) said on Thursday.

The percentage of households with a land line fell to 61.68% in April from 62.01% in March.

Total duration of calls initiated was 477 million minutes in April, down from 526 million in March. Total duration of initiated calls per landline fell to 153.6 minutes in April from 168.8 minutes in March. The average duration per call decreased to 3.06 minutes from 3.26.

About 526,000 landline calls were made using dial-around services in April. Total duration of calls made using dial-around services came to 34 million minutes. (MTI-ECONEWS)