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Number of fixed lines falls further in April

There were 3.41 million fixed-line telephone connections in Hungary at the end of April, 19,000 fewer than one month earlier, the National Communications Authority (NHH) announced on Monday.

The number of fixed lines per 100 people fell from 34.78 one year earlier and from 34.04 in March to 33.86 by the end of April, NHH figures show.
Figures from the five "significant market powers", Emitel, Hungarotel, Magyar Telekom, Monortel and Invitel, show the number of fixed line connections fell 35,000 by April, a 0.33% decrease. The number of fixed lines fell 99,000 over 12 months.
NHH figures show the average monthly call time for each fixed line fell from 241.3 minutes in March to 221.5 minutes in April, while the average length of the calls initiated from fixed lines fell from 3.35 minutes to 3.32 minutes.
The percentage of households with fixed line connections fell from 67.88% at the end of March to 67.65% at the end of April. The number of broadband internet lines stagnated in April, following a steady increase in the preceding months.