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Novomatic plans to boost production capacity in Hungary

Austria's Novomatic, one of Europe's biggest makers of slot machines, plans to expand its production base in Hungary, business daily Napi Gazdaság reported on Wednesday.

Although a final decision on the details of the investment has not yet been made, Novomatic will boost production in Hungary in order to meet growing demand, said Judith Herczig of AGI Hungária Kft, Novomatic's Hungarian unit. She declined to reveal any further details.
Novomatic earlier moved all of its electronics production to its base in Veszkény, northwest Hungary, after the completion of a €3.5 million production complex, including a 2,000 square meter production hall, a warehouse and an office building. From the start of 2007, Novomatic will also transfer its administrative base in Hungary to Veszkény. At the same time, it will add more shifts, creating more workplaces. Currently, the base employs 120 people, Herczig said.
In addition to electronics for slot machines, the base makes electronics for the auto and healthcare industries. Novomatic also operates casinos in Budapest, Sopron and Sárvár, and it aims to invest in casinos in other parts of Western Hungary as well.