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NMHH names companies registered for frequency auction

Hungary’s National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) on Friday said Telenor Magyarorszag, Magyar Posta, RCS and RDS, Vodafone Magyarorszag, Magyar Telekom and Viettel Group registered to participate in an auction for frequency blocks in the 900 MHz band.

In addition to the three companies already present on Hungary’s mobile telecommunications market - Deutsche Telekom unit Magyar Telekom and the units of Telenor and Vodafone - the bidders include Magyar Posta, Hungary’s state-owned postal company, which the local press had said would participate in consortium with the Hungarian Electricity Works (MVM) and the Hungarian Development Bank (MFB); RCS and RDS, a Romanian telecommunications, internet and television service provider; and Viettel Group, a Vietnamese company that operates "the largest telecom network in Indochina", according to its website.

NMHH said late Thursday that six companies had registered by the deadline, but it would not reveal their names until the registrations were opened before a notary public.

Magyar Telekom announced late Thursday that it filed an auction bid for blocks in the frequency band.

The NMHH disclosed plans to conclude the auction process on January 31, 2012, Magyar Telekom said.

The NMHH announced the tender for the frequencies on August 4. A 5MHz "A" frequency block is being offered at a starting price of net HUF 4bn. 1MHz "B" frequency blocks are being offered at a starting price of HUF 700m apiece, and 0.8MHz "C" frequency blocks are being offered at a starting price of HUF 560m.

Bidding will take place in the first phase of the tender. Blocks will be assigned in the second phase.

The winner of the "A" block will also get an option for three 1,800MHz blocks and three 2,100MHz blocks.

If the first round of the tender is closed without result, bids may again be submitted for the "A", "B" and "C" blocks in the second round.

Participants may win no more than a combined 7.8MHz in the band.