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NIF reissues M3 motorway tender again

The state-owned National Infrastructure Developer (NIF) has reissued an open public procurement tender for an 11.9km section of the M3 motorway connecting road no. 49 with Vásárosnamény, NIF told MTI.

The Public Procurement Arbitration Committee (KDB) declared in a ruling in May that the tender must be reassessed after Nemzetközi Vegyépszer filed a complaint with KDB against the result of an earlier tender to build a 34-km extension of the M3 motorway. Bids were submitted by the M3 Kraszna consortium, led by Strabag Építő Zrt; BBDA Consortium, led by Bilfinger Berger Kft; Dobrastav a.s.; M3 Euro-Híd Consortium, led by EuroAszfalt Kft; Swietelsky Kft; Sadesa Obras y Sevicios S.A.; Nemzetkozi Vegyépszer Zrt; and PT M3 Consortium, led by Porr Kft.

NIF declared the PT M3 consortium as the winner, while excluding four bidders for sending in invalid bids, these were the BBDA Consortium, Swietelsky Kft, Nemzetkozi Vegyépszer Zrt and Sadesa Obras y Sevicios S.A.

The main objection raised by Nemzetközi Vegyépszer was that NIF had not clearly specified the required capacity of the necessary asphalt-surfacing machinery. NIF excluded Nemzetközi Vegyépszer because it believed that the bidder did not properly document the necessary capacity. KDB, however, believes Nemzetközi Vegyépszer had proved that the two finishers in the bid had capacity well over the required level.

KDB also fined NIF HUF 3 million. (MTI – Econews)