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New test to diagnose H1N1 flu virus

The Hungarian company Diagon Kft had developed a new test for detecting the new H1N1 influenza virus, the website reported on Thursday. Diagon Kft CEO József Kern said at a meeting on Thursday that the company has obtained a patent for its diagnostic test, which can identify the H1N1 virus in a single phase in just two hours, compared to the three phases required for all other such tests.

Kern said that there has been significant foreign interest in the test, noting that the World Health Organization has invited company officials to attend the organization's August H1N1 conference.

The Diagon CEO said that the company will likely begin taking orders for the test next week after obtaining all the required production and sales permits.

Kern said that the Diagon H1N1 diagnostic test will cost between HUF 1,000 (€3.75)and HUF 2,000, adding that the company will manufacture the test in Hungary. (MTI-ECONEWS)