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New managing director at CEU Business School

CEU Business School announced that Stuart Durrant has been appointed to succeed Paul Garrison, who reached the end of his tenure as Dean at the end of June 2009.

Durrant joined CEU Business School as Program Director for Real Estate Studies in January 2008. Having worked in London in the 1980s, he was appointed in 1990 to set up and run the first international property consultancy in Central and Eastern Europe - DTZ Hungary. He later went on to become the managing director of EC Harris International in Hungary.  
Central European University Business School is a US accredited and licensed management school in Budapest. It is a landmark institution in the region, as it was the first school in Central and Eastern Europe to offer graduate business education leading to an American MBA. Since its creation the School has played a pivotal role in linking global management theories with the realities and challenges of the region’s transforming economies. 
In 2008 the School implemented for the first time its Transnational Leadership concept as an integral part of its full time MBA program. The aim of this is to help business leaders better understand the broader social, political, environmental, cultural and ethical drivers and barriers to business growth in volatile and rapidly changing markets.