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New homes sales in capital climb 25% in H1

New home sales in Budapest rose 25% in the first half from the same period a year earlier, Tibor Földi, CEO of home-building company Cordia, said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Cordia's gauge of the market shows 1,463 homes were sold in the capital in the first half, Földi said. The number could reach 3,000 by year-end, he added.

The sale rate for new homes rose to 73% in H1 from 71% in 2010. The number of new homes still on the market after five years came to 323 or about 6% of the total.

The average price for new homes edged up 1% to HUF 466,000 per square meter in H1 from the same period a year earlier. One-third of new homes are over HUF 500,000 per square meter.