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New car registrations up 20% in February

There were 4,262 new passenger cars registered in Hungary in February 2012, up 20.2% from the same month a year earlier, market researcher Datahouse told MTI on Thursday.

The number of new passenger vehicle registrations rose 31.8% to 9,196 in January-February, Datahouse said.

Including commercial vehicles, the number of new vehicle registrations rose 17.3% to 5,520 in February and was up 23.7% at 11,543 in January-February.

New light commercial vehicle registrations climbed 21.1% to 953 in February and were up 20.9% at 1,833 in January-February.

Three new buses were registered in February, compared to 13 in the same month a year earlier. In January-February, 6 new buses were registered, down from 21 in the same period a year earlier.

Registrations of large commercial vehicles fell 3.2% to 245 in February and dropped 36.9% to 406 in January-February.

The number of motorcycle registrations fell 46.2% to 57 in February and was down 40.7% at 102 in January-February.