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New car registrations in Hungary climb 24% in January

The number of new cars registered in Hungary reached 3,459 in January, up 24.4% from the same month a year earlier, auto industry researcher Datahouse told MTI on Tuesday.

Ford was market leader during the month, with 470 vehicles registered in January, up from 316 in the same month a year earlier. Ford's market share climbed to 13.59% from 11.36% during the period.

Opel was runner-up in January, with 391 new vehicles registered, up from 231 in the same month a year earlier. Its market share rose to 11.30% from 8.31%.

Skoda was in third place with 372 vehicles registered, up from 269 in January 2010. Skoda's market share rose to 10.75% from 9.67%.

Suzuki, the market leader for years, slipped to eighth place on the list, with 119 vehicles registered in January. Its market share fell to 3.44% from 4.49% in a year. (Econews)