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National Mobile Payment System to be introduced this fall

Hungary will launch the planned National Mobile Payment System, a uniform system for paying transportation fees throughout the country via mobile telephone this autumn, Nemzeti Mobilfizetési, the state-owned company establishing and running the system, told MTI on Tuesday. Companies that offer mobile payment services at present will operate as resellers in the new state-run system. The uniform system will be introduced first for the payment of parking fees and motorway stickers beginning on September 30. The system will be extended to the mobile payment of railway tickets and public transportation between 2014 and 2017. In response to MTI's query regarding the system's possible violation of European Union competition law, Nemzeti Mobilfizetési said that the National Mobile Payment System does not primarily entail the centralization of mobile-telephone payments, but serves solely to make it possible to pay for public services, mostly transportation services, via mobile phone. Parliament passed a cardinal law, one requiring a two-thirds majority to amend or repeal, stipulating the establishment of a uniform mobile-telephone payment system in Hungary, operated exclusively by a state-owned company, on December 23, 2011. The government passed a decree on the detailed regulations, including fees, in December 2012.