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National land manager launches tenders for lease of state-owned arable land

Hungary's National Land Fund Management Organization (NFA) has launched the issue of public tenders for lease of 65,000 hectares of state-owned agricultural land, body President Róbert Sebestyén announced on Wednesday.

Sebestyén said the NFA would likely publish tenders for the lease of a further 7,000 hectares this year and 4,000 hectares next year.

Leased properties will move between 30-50 hectares, and animal house is a priority.

Applicants must live at the property, submit a business plan and undertake to keep livestock on the property to be eligible for the tender.

Bids can be submitted in 45 days from the publication of the tenders. The NFA would appraise the tenders over the subsequent 60 days and sign leasing contracts for the land over the following 30 days.