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NABI unit to make 1,000 buses in five years

The US-based North American Bus Industries (NABI) company will manufacture 1,000 buses in five years at its plant in Hungary, director of the company's Kaposvár unit Nimrod Pais announced.

NABI has an order to deliver 260 buses to the City of Los Angeles by 2010 and has signed a preliminary agreement to deliver another 740 buses, Pais said.

Pais said NABI will increase production to three buses per week, which will require the company to hire more than 70 assembly workers over the next two weeks, bringing the company's total number of workers to more than 200.

Pais said NABI is developing its NABI-Kaposvár bus model, which will be sold in Europe, including Hungary. (MTI – Econews)