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NABI launches interurban prototype from Sirius bus family

The bus will cost HUF 40 million-50 million, said managing director Ferenc Baranyai.

NABI's new family of buses -- a Sirius city bus is already in production -- are built using a modular system, thus they can made into articulated buses or even trolley buses, said sales and marketing director Demeter Hejj. The buses' engines can be hybrid, LPG or hydrogen, as well as conventional diesel, he added.

Annual bus sales in Hungary have been about 400 recently, and NABI has filled about half of these orders in addition to its deliveries to the United States, Hejj said, answering a question by MTI.

NABI has so far sold 8,000 buses in the US.

Last year, NABI had after-tax profit of HUF 334 million on revenue of HUF 8.1 billion. This year, the company expects to match that profit and revenue.

Two-thirds of the 10,000 buses on Hungary's roads are older than ten years. Of these, half are older than 20 years. Just 4% of buses in the country are less than five years old.