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MVM to get gas from strategic reserves

The state-owned Hungarian Electricity Works (MVM) or one of its subsidiaries will get gas from strategic reserves as well as cross-border gas capacity during the next gas year under a decree by the National Development Minister published on Thursday.

The decree does not name MVM or any of its subsidiaries as the recipient, but it is implied.

The ministry declined to comment on the decree when asked by MTI.

The decree reduces the amount of gas in the reserves from 1.2 billion cubic meters from July 1, 2011 to 915 million cubic meters until the end of June 2012, when the gas year ends. The "beneficiary" may share in the 285 million-cubic-meter difference, the decree says.

"In the interest of securing supply for consumers of district heating", the unnamed company will get 6.8m GJ of gas while 2.9 GJ of gas will go to two companies, also unnamed, but which are implied to be E.ON Földgáz and Tigáz. The gas is to be used or "universal service consumers", mainly households.

The decree also gives an unnamed beneficiary – most certainly MVM or one of its units – the rights to cross-border capacity from gas lines in the West and the East of the country from July 1, 2011.