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More than two-thirds of companies at Győr industrial park raise revenue in 2010

A total of 70% of the 99 companies operating at the Győr industrial park in northwestern Hungary generated more revenue in 2010 than in 2009, CEO László Balogh of the park’s operator told MTI.

Some 20% of the companies recorded less revenue last year than in the previous year, he said.

The 99 companies located at the park generated total revenue of HUF 176.6 billion in 2010, Balogh said, noting that primarily larger-than-average export-oriented companies or suppliers to exporting companies posted higher revenue last year.

There were twenty companies operating at the park which had higher revenue last year than in 2008, the industrial park CEO remarked.

Balogh said that 5,000 people work at companies located at the Győr industrial park, up from 4,800 in 2009. 57% of the park's companies increased the size of their workforces in 2010, while 30% decreased personnel last year.

Total investments in the park surpassed HUF 116 billion, he said.

Balogh commented that there are only 12 hectares of vacant land remaining at the 148-hectare park, noting that he expects three or four companies to make investments at the park this year.