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Mol workers to demonstrate for higher wages

Employees of Mol Rt, Hungary's largest energy company, plan to hold a demonstration Feb. 10 after wage talks with the company were suspended, Népszabadság reported. Mol rejected requests by trade unions for an average 7% average wage increase this year and agreed only to 3%, the newspaper said, citing union secretary Barna Hajzer. Mol did also not offer an education and health care program for employees, Hajzer added.

Mol spokesman Sándor Kántor told the paper he wasn't aware of a planned employee demonstration. Mol, which approved a new employee benefit program in December, will continue wage negotiation in mid-February, the newspaper citing Kántor as saying.

Trade unions from mining and the chemical industries may join Mol workers in their protest, Népszabadság said, without giving details on the planned event.