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MOL wins tender to supply fuel for defense forces with HUF 8.5 bln bid

Hungarian oil and gas company MOL has won a public procurement tender to supply fuel for ground vehicles and aircraft to the country's defense forces, with a bid of HUF 8.5 billion, not including VAT, between 2009-2012, the latest issue of the Public Procurement Gazette reveals.

The amount is around HUF 1.5 billion higher than the originally estimated value of the tender.

MOL will supply about 7 million liters of aircraft fuel in 2009 under the contract. In 2010-2012 it will supply an annual 900,000 liters of petrol, 3.5m of diesel and about 12 million liters of aircraft fuel.

MOL submitted the only application in the open tender called by the Ministry of Defense's Development and Logistics Agency. (MTI-Econews)