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Mobile videos still not making money

No matter how trendy online and mobile videos are, producing such contents is still not a profitable business, Kreatív Group’s latest conference concluded.

If it comes to making profit on online or mobile video, all of the representatives of the Hungarian media outlets shook their heads at the conference called „TV-Web-Mobile: 3 screens, 1 business”. The production costs for such a content are very high, due to the excessive use of human labor and expensive equipment that is needed.

Television broadcasters’ offline and online audience just don’t measure, online a small portion would watch the programs later online. Not even the online news portals’ videos can reach the popularity of a TV-show. Not to mention the advertising models for online content that is still in the shape taking phase.

Online and mobile platforms, for the moment, are only interesting from the brand image building perspective and it also gives a clear picture of the user.

When talking about pay or non-pay models, the presenters of the conference could not agree on one or the other. International examples can be found for either solution, but nobody knows which one will work on the Hungarian market.