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Mobile phone penetration in Hungary near EU average

Although mobile phone penetration in Hungary is about the same as the EU average, home personal computer and internet penetration is far lower, according to figures compiled by the Central Statistics Office (KSH).

Mobile phone penetration in Hungary is 95% of the EU average, while home PC penetration is 73% and internet penetration just 46% of the EU average.
Mobile phone penetration is 80% in Hungary, compared to 84% for the EU as a whole. Among old member states, only Greece has a lower level of penetration. Among new members states, Hungary is ahead of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, but behind Slovenia, Slovakia, Cyprus and Estonia.
About 42% of Hungarian households have a PC, compared to an average 58% in the EU. In this respect, Hungary is still ahead of old member states such as Greece and Portugal, as well as new member states such as Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.
About 22% of Hungarian homes have internet access, less than half of the EU average of 48%. Hungary's penetration rate is on par with that of Greece among old member states and ahead of Lithuania and the Czech Republic among new member states. About 11% of homes in Hungary have broadband internet access, compared to an EU average of 23%.


About 37% of Hungarians regularly use the internet, compared to an average 73% of all EU citizens. In this respect, Hungary fares better than Greece, Portugal, Italy, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Poland, but worse than Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Estonia.