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Mobile internet subscriptions rise to 607,000 in May

The number of mobile internet subscriptions in Hungary rose to 607,000 at the end of May from 566,000 at the end of April, the National Communications Authority (NHH) said.

The number of subscribers who transferred data, rose 26,000 to 502,000 in May.

Both subscriber numbers and the number of active users rose at the highest monthly rate since the NHH started to publish its monthly reports in 2000.

Mobile internet subscribers transferred 763,000 gigabytes of data in May, up from 743,000 in April. Data transferred rose less than subscribers numbers and transferred data per subscriber decreased as a result to 1.52 gigabytes from 1.56.

In terms of subscribers who transferred data, T-Mobile's market share rose fell to 48.44% in May from 49.43% in April. Pannon's market share dropped to 23.2% from 23.46% and Vodafone's share climbed to 28.55% from 27.11%.

Data turnover per active user fell to 1.93 gigabytes at Vodafone from 2.21 in April, and rose to 1.53 gigabytes from 2.21 at Pannon GSM and rose to 1.27 from 1.25 for T-Mobile. (MTI – Econews)