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Ministry approves GYSEV development strategy

The Ministry of National Development announced Friday it approved the development strategy of GYSEV, a regional railway owned by the states of Hungary and Austria, which allows the company to assume control over 214 kilometers of new railway in Northwestern and Western Hungary by the end of 2011.

GYSEV aims to build an alternative north-south railway line on the tracks.

The ministry said GYSEV's mid-term plans are compatible with the government's plans to increase the priority of railway transport.

The government allocated about HUF 208 billion for inter-city public transport and for the operation of railways in 2011.

The decree allocates HUF 152.4 billion for MÁV-START, the passenger unit of Hungarian railway company MÁV, HUF 5.8 billion for GYSEV and HUF 27 billion for bus companies.

MÁV has been allocated HUF 21 billion and GYSEV HUF 2 billion for the operation of railways.