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Mikropakk setting up HUF 1 bln plant in northern Hungary

Hungarian plastic-technology company Mikropakk Műanyag es Fémfeldolgozó Kft is establishing a HUF 1 billion (3.81 million) injection-molding plant in a 3,500-square-meter building at the industrial park in Salgótarján, Mikropakk informed MTI on Thursday.

Mikropakk received HUF 253 million in support from Hungary's European Union co-financed Economic Development Operative Program for the investment.

The company expects the new plant to generate many more than the 23 workplaces it undertook to create as part of its bid for economic-development funding.

Mikropakk currently employs 125 people at the company's production site in Budapest.

The company, which generated revenue of more than HUF 3 billion in 2009, intends to make parts for the household-product and cosmetics industries at the new plant. (MTI-Econews)