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MDF not to support retail sale points for OTC drugs

Pusztai said the risks of imitation drugs and health hazards were too high for MDF to support the plan, but that a widening of rules for opening pharmacies would be acceptable. She noted that in making changes to the healthcare system, the government should always consider the practicalities of implementation. For example, it is not enough to see if doctors are writing out too many prescriptions and giving them a ceiling on doing so, as seen in a wider context, some doctors prescribe few drugs but send patients on to have many other tests, which is also a heavy burden on the healthcare budget, Pusztai said. The government's recent plans to revamp healthcare include introducing a minimum charge for all drugs, introducing a doctors' visit charge and the plan to put drug supplies onto the free market. Junior coalition party SZDSZ has enlisted support for the plans to open up the drug market, claiming this would push down prices by creating healthier competition on the market. (Mti)