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MB, Coca Cola in Serbian sales agreement

The MB Brauerei brewery, part of the Heineken Group, and Coca Cola have signed a deal on beer sales in Serbia.

It was announced under the terms of contract signed by MB and Coca-Cola Hellenic [CCHS], Serbian beer brands such as MB Pils, Master, and international labels such as Heineken, Amstel, Kaiser and Schlossgold would be sold in all retail and wholesale outlets with which Coca Cola has contracts.

In a statement, MB Brauerei did not give any information concerning Coca Cola’s sales network.

The contract was signed on March 26, and began to be implemented on April 1.

Coca Cola has been operating in Serbia since 1997, employs a workforce of 1500, and has 14 different products.

According to the Serbian Business Registers Agency, in 2007, Coca-Cola Hellenic recorded profits of €17.2 million on the basis of total sales of €153.7 million.

MB Brauerei is owned by Heineken, whose head office is in Holland. The company was registered in Serbia in 2007, and employs a workforce of 120. (B92)