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MÁV Gépészet to manufacture railway passenger-cars - newspaper

MÁV's board has approved the project, daily Magyar Hírlap reported, noting that no railway passenger-cars have been manufactured in Hungary since 1994. Designing and building the long-distance InterCity coaches will cost several hundreds of millions of forints.

MÁV Gépészet is planning to apply for European Union funding to finance the constrution of the assembly line at its base in Szolnok (central Hungary). Constructing the assembly line is necessary to complete existing orders of MÁV Gépészet, and it also could be used to manufacture the railway passenger cars, CEO György Zaránd told the daily.

The newspaper said that preliminary analysis suggests that Hungarian-owned companies could manufacture 80% of the parts used in the future assembly of passenger cars for MÁV Start. The project is part of MÁV's strategic plan which includes the purchase and renovation of MÁV Start's passenger-car stock.