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Malév sees 8% rise in turnover

Russian-owned Hungarian airlines Malév saw its Q2 turnover increase 8% year-on-year despite the general difficulties hammering the sector overall, Karim Makhlouf, deputy CEO of the company announced.

Makhlouf noted that apart from Malév only two other European airlines, Swiss and Turkish Airlines, were able to improve their figures during the period.

Malév saw the number of boarding passengers rise 15% in Q2 and consequently saw its national market share grow to 43.4%. Under the new strategy adopted by Malév at the start of the year, the company is focusing more on business travelers, Makhlouf said.

Due to the rising passenger figures, Malév was able to offset the damages caused by the reductions in ticket prices made necessary by the crisis, he added. (Gazdasági Rádió)