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Making staff fit for office

Companies are increasingly realizing that in order to keep their employees working, they might need to pitch in to keep them healthy, too. Hungarian firms now provide a wide range of healthcare services, mainly focusing on prevention. The BBJ has asked some of the biggest Hungarian firms about their corporate health preservation strategy. We asked them to detail the programs they have and to explain what they expect from them.

dm-drogerie markt

dm-drogerie markt is currently working on introducing a comprehensive health program for employees, since the company believes the health and satisfaction of workers contributes to the high quality and performance of their work. The company plans to introduce manager health screenings for middle-management. Currently the program is in a pilot phase, and is being tested by 10 volunteers. Also, as a partner of the All You Can Move SportPass system, dm provides the opportunity for employees to buy a discounted membership at 100 fitness clubs countrywide. The company also plans to provide discounted massage services to all colleagues, as compensation for their extended work hours. In addition, dm has also joined the Children of the Sun (A Nap Gyermekei) international CSR campaign launched by the Medicina health preservation fund.

Porsche Hungária

The health of all employees is of key importance to the Porsche Group, as employees who are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy are more motivated and perform more proactively than those who are not. Also, the healthy state of employees reduces the number of days workers have to go on sick leave. In the company’s current health program, employees of Porsche receive fitness club memberships, can play on rented football fields and use swimming pools at a wellness chain that Porsche has an agreement with. The needs and principles on which the company bases its health package are drawn up by the employees themselves.


Richter’s philosophy is that the company needs a healthy and balanced staff in order to efficiently manage its tasks. Therefore it introduced physicals for its employees, and made suggestions on how to improve their health. The first step was a general medical check-up in 2008. Then in the second phase, in 2009, the company selected medical screenings to detect the illnesses that occurred most frequently during the tests of the previous year. In the third phase, in 2010, preventive screenings were introduced in addition to those from the previous year. The medical examinations and screenings take place in the medical facility of Richter. The company plans to add more facilities, while the Richter Jóléti Alapítvány (Richter Welfare Foundation) also offers a two-year program for all employees, focusing on cancer or cardiovascular tests. These programs are increasingly popular, Richter said.


Oil and gas group MOL has launched a “STEP – make a step for your health” program which aims to develop employees’ conscious health protection. The program’s eventual goal is to achieve a long-term change of habits and develop employees’ health culture. The program includes sports activities, voluntary medical screenings, a healthy diet and help to quit smoking, which are all supported by corporate communication. The goal of the following years is to expand the initiatives of all the corporate communities and the promotion of regular participation. Surveys conducted by MOL revealed that the health condition of those colleagues who took part in the STEP program is definitely better than of those who did not. As a second step, the company started a corporate mental health promotion program called COHESIO.


Health preservation is a crucially important part of the CSR strategy of K&H Group, which aims to make the company attractive for employees. K&H spent around a HUF 32.5 million on health protection and health preservation services in 2010. The company provides preliminary aptitude tests and regular medical check-ups to all K&H employees, and various specialist examinations are also available. Furthermore, the company organizes a sports day, the K&H Olympics, where all employees can voluntarily take part in free medical screenings. There is a disinfectant liquid hand wash in the office bathrooms, the company organizes programs where employees can choose to have flu vaccinations in order to prevent flu epidemics among the office staff, and they also receive vouchers for eyeglass prescriptions.

Imperial Tobacco

Preserving the health of employees is one of the fundamental elements of competitiveness at Imperial Tobacco (IT). Work-related stress results in sick leave and burnout among employees, which decreases efficiency in tackling the workload and kills the motivation of the staff. Therefore, IT places special emphasis on the health of employees and maintains an optimistic and positive atmosphere in the office. IT tries to provide programs and services that are attractive for all employees, and also welcomes the ideas of employees for various additional programs. The company also takes into consideration the specific needs of certain positions. IT continuously monitors the efficiency of health programs and tries to keep their elements in line with employee needs. For example, the company switched partners to receive a higher standard of medical screening programs.

Magyar Telekom

Magyar Telekom (MT) has an extensive health program. The company says it is important to provide complex stress management in order to help employees preserve the sensitive balance between family and work. MT has an extensive medical screening program, while top executives receive a specific “management” screening package. Since the company finds it important to promote a healthy diet, it made an agreement with the corporate canteens and cafeterias about including reform and bio foods, a salad bar and fruit on the menu. MT has fitness clubs operating in an increasing number of its offices. The health program also focuses on mental health and stress management, and employees can also consult with a psychologist. Furthermore, MT has a program called Abigél, which offers assistance for employees to solve their non-work related problems. Families can spend their vacations in corporate holiday resorts, and can take part in the corporate Family and Sports Day. MT employees are also members of an individual health fund, which they use to finance various health and healthy lifestyle services, from fitness to medicines, depending on their preferences.