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Magyar Telekom wins international investor relations award

The international Investor Relations Magazine (IR Magazine) has given Magyar Telekom the award for Best Investor Relations by a Hungarian Company and Krisztina Förhécz, head of Magyar Telekom's Investor Relations Department, the 2009 award for Best Investor Relations Officer in a Hungarian Company.

IR Magazine is an international professional paper which carries annual surveys of the investor relations management activities of the companies listed on the stock exchange and gives awards in several categories.

In March and April 2009 the magazine surveyed over 700 portfolio managers and stock market analysts across Europe through a questionnaire and on the basis of the answers evaluated the investor relations management practices of the companies - including the quality of stock market information given and the competence and availability of the investor relations officers and the management.

The respondents also nominated and ranked the best companies and persons. The winners of the different categories were decided on the basis of the answers. The respondents underlined that one of Magyar Telekom's principal assets is its flexibility and that it gives substantive and understandable information in reply to questions.

It was listed first with almost twice as many points as the second place company. The flexible and helpful attitude of the company and the openness of the management were rated particularly high. 

The company also won a prominent 7th place in the sector evaluation of IR Magazine which covered over 20 European companies of the telecom industry, said the company in its latest release.