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Magyar Telekom welcomes court decision annulling frequency tender results

Magyar Telekom chairman-CEO Christopher Mattheisen on Friday welcomed a recent decision by a Budapest court annulling the National Media and Communications Authority's (NMHH) resolutions allocating frequencies after an auction in January.

The decision could create the chance for the frequency needs of Hungary's existing three mobile service providers to be taken into consideration, Mattheisen said, speaking at a press conference. These service providers should have access to enough bandwidth to meet their clients' growing demands, he added.

The court ruled on Monday that the newly established state-owned telco MPVI had unlawfully won the right to build its own network. The court said that according to the annex of the government decree effective at the time, the frequency that MPVI obtained cannot be allocated to a state-owned company.

The court also ruled that the three existing mobile telcos -- who contested the results of the frequency auction in court -- were unlawfully awarded new frequency blocks.

A decision on whether NMHH must restore the situation to its original state or call a new tender was outside of the court's competency.