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Magyar Telekom takes 57% of corporate telecommunications market

Magyar Telekom's share of Hungary's HUF 228.6 billion corporate telecommunications market was 57.4% last year, deputy-CEO István Király told journalists on Thursday.

The corporate telecommunications market contracted from HUF 240 billion in 2009 and HUF 254.5 billion in 2008 but Magyar Telekom expects the segment to start expanding again in 2011, Király said.

Magyar Telekom counts among its clients about 200,000 of Hungary's 350,000 companies.

In the corporate mobile segment, Magyar Telekom accounted for HUF 78 billion of the entire HUF 131 billion market last year. It accounted for HUF 26.3 billion of the HUF 39.6 billion corporate landline voice market and for HUF 16.4 billion of the HUF 29.9 billion corporate landline data market. The company took in HUF 10.2 billion of the HUF 28.3 billion corporate landline internet market. Magyar Telekom's market share in the segments is even bigger looking at just micro-businesses and SMEs, a group the company is targeting, Király said.