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Magyar Telekom announces tariff change

Magyar Telekom on Thursday announced a decision to implement a gradual tariff change from September and October because of "unfavourable economic and market processes".

The tariff change is "unavoidable" because of the lack of economic recovery, higher than expected inflation and "certain economic policy measures of the past period", the company said. Magyar Telekom added that it will not pass the new tax on telephone calls and text messages to customers. Magyar Telekom said earlier that the tax, introduced from July, would cost it about HUF 8 billion in the second half of 2012 and an annual HUF 20 billion from 2013.

The tariff changes "will match the varying characteristics of mobile and fixed line as well as postpaid and prepaid tariff packages and will retain the benefits and discounts favoured by customers", Magyar Telekom said. "For postpaid mobile packages the change in monthly tariff will be mitigated by unchanged minute and text message rates and conditions; while for prepaid mobile packages, there is no monthly charge but minute charges will change. For enterprise customers, there will be no change to either the monthly fee for tariff packages included in dedicated framework contracts, nor the national minute and text message rates," the company said.