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Magyar Suzuki turns out one millionth car

The one millionth car rolled of the assembly line of Magyar Suzuki Zrt on Friday.

The Japanese car maker's unit in Hungary has been making cars since 1992. Suzuki built the plant in Esztergom, north of Budapest for Ft 14 billion.
The number of cars the plant produces has increased from year to year due to continued improvements. It had produced 10,000 cars by 1993, 25,000 by 1994 and 100,000 by 1996. The plant's current annual capacity is 220,000 cars, expected to rise to 300,000 in 2008.
Magyar Suzuki employs 4,600 people in Hungary, and its suppliers employ a further 10,000. The plant's one millionth unit was a five-door Swift.