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Magyar Suzuki recalls cars on handbrakes

The Japanese carmaker based in Hungary, Magyar Suzuki Zrt, Monday announced a recall for 40,000 SX4 Suzuki models to rectify handbrake problems.

Tamás Tihanyi, communications manager for Magyar Suzuki Zrt, said the recall covers SX4 models manufactured before early December, when the maker corrected the problem, the Hungarian news agency MTI reported. Of the recalled cars, about 6,300 cars were registered in Hungary and 33,700 were sold elsewhere in Europe.

The fault involves the handbrake cable, the end of which can slip out of the clamp in the rear wheel brake drum that brings the brakes into operation when the handbrake is pulled, said Tihanyi. Suzuki has corrected the fault on all cars produced since early December, he added. The cars must be checked to see if the efficiency of handbrakes was reduced by defective technology. Tihanyi said Suzuki has begun advising car services and dealers. (,