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Magyar Suzuki asks suppliers to cut prices

The Hungarian unit of Japanese carmaker Suzuki has asked its suppliers to cut prices by 3% because of the economic crisis and the natural disaster in Japan, József Pata, managing director and owner of supplier Pata, told MTI.

Suppliers agreed to the reduction at a meeting with the unit's management, Pata said. “We understood that Suzuki is in a difficult position because of the economic crisis and the catastrophe that hit Japan, and that's why we have to offer some support [with the price reduction],” he said.

Suppliers also suggested that Suzuki's unit in Hungary take delivery of parts that usually come from Japan from Hungarian or other European suppliers to ensure continuous supply, he added.

Pata has been a supplier to Magyar Suzuki since 1992. It delivers about 30 million units of 150 types of parts a year to the company. It has annual revenue of about HUF 2 billion.

Pata employs 75 people at its 5,000 sqm plant in Fajz.