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Lufthansa to charge for credit card payment

Similar to low-cost airlines, Lufthansa will charge an extra fee for payments by credit card, the company announced. The fee will be €5 for domestic flights, €8 for continental and €18 for intercontinental flights. The new measure will come into effect in November and will apply to all airlines belonging to Lufthansa including Brussels Airlines, Austrian Airlines and Swiss Airlines.

Lufthansa has already charged €5 for card payment even when booking was done in its own system. The extra fee must be paid in travel agencies as well.

The company said it introduced the fee to share costs with passengers. According to a Lufthansa spokeswoman, "The fees will only partially cover the credit card costs. Last year, Lufthansa had to pay credit card fees of a three-digit-million euro amount. Therefore costs will be shared between the airline and the traveler."