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Livestock declines further in a year to August

Hungary's cattle stocks declined 17,000 to 705,000 on August 1 from a year earlier, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) reported on Thursday.

The stock rose 5,000 from the last report on April 1, 2006. The number of cows was 17,000 lower than on August 1, 2005, and was unchanged at 326,000 from April 1, 2006.
The number of pigs decreased 129,000 in twelve months to 4.065 million. In four months to August 1, the number pigs increased by 219,000.
There were 1.329 million sheep on August 1, 90,000 less than a year earlier, KSH said. The stock fell 65,000 from April 1, 2006.
At the start of August there were 37.455 million chicken, hens and cocks in Hungary, 1.933 million more than at the start of April but 3.179 million less than in August 2005. The August 2006 figure included 13.242 million hens, 1.641 million less than in April but 11,000 more than one year earlier.