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Liquidator to announce winner in ammunition company assets tender

Three valid applications were received for the assets of ammunition company Rexplo 21 Lőpor Termelő es Kereskedelmi Kft (Balatonfűzfő, C Hungary) in the open tender closed at the end of May; the application with the highest bid price was accepted, liquidator Magdolna Vass told MTI.

Vass said the purchase price will be published and the winning applicant named after the signing of the sale and purchase agreement and the payment of the price. The company was last offered for HUF 120 million.

The liquidator earlier said that a previous tender to sell the company's assets was declared unsuccessful in April.

Vass said creditor claims against the company amount to HUF 162 million. Rexplo 21 laid off all 45 of the company's employees during the liquidation procedure, which began in November.