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Liquidator calls tender for sale of food company Star Menu

Liquidator Vectigalis has called a tender for the sale of indebted ready-to-eat food company Star Menu, the business daily Napi Gazdaság reported.

Bailiff Márta Péter told the newspaper that Star Menu had debts of HUF 2.1 billion when the company went into liquidation in January of this year.

Márta said that the tender has an asking price of HUF 2.4 billion for the sale of Star Menu's 31,000-square-meter plant near Sármellék as well as the company's food recipes, market, and property rights.

The deadline for submission of bids in the tender is march 18.

Star Menu generated revenue of HUF 266.7 million in 2009, compared to revenue of HUF 509.1 million in 2009, sustaining net losses of HUF 386.8 million in 2009, compared to net losses of HUF 532.2 million in 2008.