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LG.Philips LCD starts mass production at module plant in Poland

LG.Philips LCD announced on April 1 it began full-scale mass production at its back-end LCD module (LCM) plant in Poland on March 30, 2007.

LG.Philips LCD's module plant is located in Kobierzyce, near Wroclaw in southwestern Poland, and will produce LCMs mainly for 32-inch-and-larger LCD TVs. The company plans to expand the annual production capacity of the plant from an initial three million units to 11 million by 2011. Starting mass production in Poland will help LG.Philips LCD continue building lasting strategic alliances with clients and partner firms operating or building factories near its new module plant. In addition, with major partners producing components and materials for LCMs nearby, LG.Philips LCD's module plant is expected to be a critical part of a highly efficient local production system for LCD products.

Many of LG.Philips LCD's customers and partner firms have already built or are building facilities in the region. LG Electronics currently operates an LCD TV plant nearby and Toshiba, which has a 19.9% equity stake in LG.Philips LCD's Poland plant, is constructing an LCD TV plant in the vicinity, with production scheduled to start in August 2007. Moreover, Royal Philips Electronics and Matsushita Electric Industrial have TV plants in Hungary and the Czech Republic. Young Soo Kwon, president & CEO of LG.Philips LCD, said the company is able to move quickly to meet customers' needs in Europe, opening this plant only nine months after construction began. Through local production, the company plans to provide services tailored to the needs of its customers, offering a timely and stable supply of optimized products and services, Kwon indicated.

To better provide service aligned with the needs of its customers around the world, LG.Philips LCD undertook a strategy to build an optimized global production network. In the first phase of the strategy, the company began mass production at its module plant in Nanjing, China, in May 2003. This was followed by the start of operations at the module plant in Poland. (