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Level of noise in the city

Specialists say that living in great noise causes tinnitus, and it is endemic nowadays.

A riporter, Péter Novák, made some measurements on the street to draw attention to this problem. At a terrace of a popular caffé, for example, on one of our main streets the meter showed figures over 80dB on a ’calm’ summer morning. This was already over the limit value.

Some vehicles produce 80-82dB passing by, but heavy trucks 89-91dB. An accelerating vehicle makes 2-5dB more, and this is also the case when a car climbs up to a flyover - can be read in a study of Publishing House Mozaik.

The different machinery at a construction can make 120-130dB noise which would mask every other noise within a 200m. Experts say that on the Hungária Boulevard the noise level is the triple of the maximum limit . (TV2)