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Less than quarter of Hungarians use internet regularly

Only 23.8% of Hungarians use the internet at least once a month, as against the European average of 41.8% and the US average of 70%, research company GfK Hungária said on Thursday.


A European survey prepared by Austria's Fessel-GfK shows that 33.2% of Hungarians have access to the internet, which places Hungary 29th among 37 European countries. Topping the list are the developed Scandinavian countries with over 70% internet use, and at the bottom is Albania, where hardly more than 1% go online, GfK said. Romania falls only 3% behind Hungary and each of the other Visegrád Four countries (Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) are higher on the list.


According to GfK Hungária, 14% of Hungarian internet users search for products to buy online, but 64% of these buyers choose payment on delivery, with less than 5% choosing online payment with a card.