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Law & Tax special report 2011


Is the Hungarian government planning a whole new tax scheme?
The Hungarian government has recently introduced several changes to the country’s tax system. But are they part of a well thought-out comprehensive reform, or are they just a collection of ad hoc measures inspired by sudden ideas?

Hungarian government dealing with the drug firms
The pharmaceutical industry will probably be the next industry to be crisis taxed. Hungary’s largest drug firms, the country’s largest R&D spenders, are anxiously anticipating how and when they will have to pay.

4 reasons for Hungary to join the Euro PLUS pact – and 4 not to
Hungary has opted out of the Euro-Plus Pact recently proposed by the European Commission. The main reason for staying out of the pact is the planned harmonization of corporate tax bases within the EU, the Hungarian government said.

Judges protest against being retired
According to Hungary’s new Constitution, the retirement age of judges would be the same as the regular retirement age, meaning a reduction from the current 70 to 62 years – a move that has set off protests across the judiciary.

Only BRIC firms look for M&A candidates in Hungary
Law firms operating in Hungary turned towards restructuring, reprivatisation and dispute resolution issues instead of M&A transactions.

Pro bono legal work in Hungary
International law firms in Hungary make a practice of dedicating hours to working for the public good. Smaller firms also do so, but more haphazardly.

Auditors see slow growth, less consulting deals
Old actors, new client attitudes keep audit market moving.

Auditors comment on EC green paper
Auditors mostly agree with the European Commission’s Green Paper on audit policy, it was said at an international auditors' conference in Budapest.