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Laufer elected chairman of IVSZ

Tamás Laufer was elected chairman of the Hungarian Association of IT Companies on Thursday at the annual general meeting of the body. AGM also decided about the restructuring of the association.

There were three applicants recommended by the member companies to head the most influential trade assocation of the ICT industry in Hungary. The general meeting voted for Tamás Laufer to be the chairman for the next three years.

“The society, the economy and the government is more open than ever before to accommodate and apply IT solutions, ” said Laufer speaking of his program. Besides opportunities, there is need for change as well though, and the new government has the authorization for it, he added. ICT sector’s players have an important role in this process, since the way to successfully develop society and economy leads through the learning of IT skill, emphasized Laufer. The new chairman also pointed out that the strengthening of the sector’s lobby in the areas of R&D, venture capital investment and IT trainings are among the special tasks for the years to come.

New structure on the agenda

The members present at the AGM also voted for a modification of the organizational structure. As a result, there will also be informatics, telecommunications and electronics divisions operating in IVSZ, besides the existing divisions formed by the size of the companies.

Former chairman János Keresztesi, who has been heading IVSZ since 2008, did not apply for this position again, but was elected to be the deputy chairman leading the informatics division. As a result of another decision made by the AGM, János Vinnai and Sándor Kürti became the new members of the Ethical and Disciplinal Committee.

IVSZ, that will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, presented several initiatives and programs to properly position ICT sector in the economy. Both the outgoer and the new chairman agreed that consistency and continuity could lead to success for the sector. Keeping this in mind, significant initiatives of the previous years like the realization of the industry’s action plan or TITAN program should be carried on.

Guest speaker of the AGM, congressman Zsolt Nyitrai of Fidesz offered partnership to the execution of all these programs from the part of the government. (BBJ Online)