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KSH reports on Jan-May wages - Hungary

In the first 5 months of 2007, gross average income was 7.4% up year-on-year and net average income 1.2% up year-on-year, while real wages dropped 6.8% year-on-year due to a 8.6% growth of the consumers' price index, reported statistics office KSH on Wednesday.

Gross average income was 2.9% higher in the public sector and 10.4% higher in the business sector. Net average income was 2.1% down in the public sector and 3.3% up in the business sector. On a national level, the monthly net average income was Ft 112,300 (€456, $628), Ft 83,400 (€338, $466) for manual workers and Ft 144,900 (€588, $811) for white collar workers. In the first 5 months there were 757,000 people working in the public sector, and about 1,942,000 in the business sector. Full time employees in the first group earned Ft 209,700 (€851, $1,173) on average while business sector employees earned Ft 170,700 (€693, $955). Incomes grew by 19.8% in the construction industry, at a rate much higher than the average increase. (Gazdasági Rádió, Napi Gazdaság)