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KPN and Getronics closed good financial year despite the crisis

KPN closed its 2009 financial year with good results: EBITDA was increased by 3.6% compared to the previous period, while revenues without sales and aquisitions for the group decreased only by 3.5%. KPN's Getronics saw a 5% drop in revenues last year which is in line with the Hungarian company's.

In Hungary, the expectations about 2009 proved to be right: the crisis created more demand for cost efficiency services like IT-outsourcing, so Getronics Magyarország could see two-digit growth on that field due to its operational contracts that ensured continuous income.

This could, however, hardly compensate for the drop in system integration projects, which resulted in a 5% decrease in domestic revenues. 

„As for 2010, we hope that a little relief will come and IT project will speed up again after the parliamentary elections, especially due to the faster EU grant processes," said Getronics Magyarország general manager Péter Rátkai. (BBJ Online)