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Konica Minolta Magyarorszag revenue set to climb

The Hungarian unit of Japanese imaging company Konica Minolta expects to close the business year ending March 31 with revenue of HUF 6bn, up from HUF 5.1bn in the 2010/11 business year, Konica Minolta Magyarorszag sales director Daniel Szekely told journalists on Monday.

Revenue was up from HUF 3.9bn three years ago, and the company expects turnover to climb to HUF 8bn by 2013, Mr Szekely said.

Konica Minolta Magyarorszag sold 8,300 A3 copiers in 2010, down from 9,600 in 2009 and 11.600 in 2008. All market participants in Hungary sold 74,000 printers in 2010, down from 87,000 in 2008. On the printer market, Konica Minolta Magyarorszag was in fifth place with sales of  €1.5m.