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Kisalföldi Mezőgazdasági completes HUF 1.5 billion investment

Hungary's Kisalföldi Mezőgazdasági Zrt has completed a HUF 1.5 billion (€5.66 million) European Union-funded investment to modernize its cattle-raising operations and build a 526 kW biogas plant, company CEO Lóránt Szajkó told MTI on Wednesday.

Szajkó said that Kisalföldi Mezőgazdasági received European Union support through the New Hungary Rural Development Program to cover half the cost of the investment.

The company will use one-quarter of the electricity generated at the manure-fueled biogas plant to power its own operations and sell the remaining three-quarters.

Kisalföldi Mezőgazdasági, which raises 2,000 head of cattle on the company's four sites near Kapuvár (W Hungary), will hire 16 more workers as a result of the investment. (MTI-Econews)