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King’s City group insists on Sukoró casino

KC Bidding Kft, a member of the King’s City group of companies, announced that it is still committed to building a casino complex in Sukoró.

The project has received media attention due to numerous suspicions of high-value corruption with allegations targeted at former prime ministers Ferenc Gyurcsány and Gordon Bajnai among others. Two executives of the former state asset manager MNV were actually arrested in relation to the case.

KC Bidding pointed out that it has signed a concession agreement with the government and according to this the King’s City Project including the casino is to be accomplished on the originally planned location next to Lake Velence.

The concession agreement stipulated that the investor has to determine the location of the investment by December 21, 2010, which it did. Therefore the King’s City management said it insists the Hungarian government reinstates the special project status to the project which was canceled due to the scandals as well as the HUF 2.6 billion in central grants that were earlier approved. (BBJ)